Heritage Set Half Mounted with Engraved Silver & Wood Projecting Mounts


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tmo&a2tb.jpg (34739 bytes)

The bass drone parts on left, and the two tenor bottoms on right
tmo&a2tt.jpg (36401 bytes)
Tenor tops

tmo&a2tbtsclose2.jpg (59115 bytes)
View showing ivory hemp stops & tuning slides

tmo&a2tbtsclose.jpg (64088 bytes)

tmo&abmfromtop.jpg (39280 bytes)
Close-up of the bass middle tuning slide

tmo&abfrrl.jpg (46714 bytes)
The bass top ferrule, threaded
tmo&absfrrl.jpg (47587 bytes)
The bass stock ferrule, also with full thread
tmo&a2trctop.jpg (59533 bytes)
Notice the ivory underbushes, perfectly fitted
tmo&abmmountfrbotclose.jpg (38636 bytes)
The familiar projecting mount shape
tmo&abmbore.jpg (31665 bytes)
Perfectly smooth, concentric bore on the bass middle
tmo&apcsolefrombotclose.jpg (50019 bytes)
The pipe chanter sole
tmo&a2ttfromtopshowsilver.jpg (40715 bytes)
View showing silver
tmo&a2ttfromtopshowwood.jpg (41415 bytes)
Same view showing wood
tmo&abmmountclose.jpg (34812 bytes)
View showing mount profile
tmo&amp.jpg (64297 bytes)
The mouthpiece for this set:
silver & horn
tmo&abrctop.jpg (55357 bytes) tmo&absc&b.jpg (56642 bytes) tmo&abmhsclose.jpg (35458 bytes)
Close-up of the ivory bass middle hemp stop, threaded