Bass Drone Gallery

bassbot.jpg (88495 bytes)  #1 set bass bottom joint.

bassbotbotclose.jpg (96358 bytes)  #1 bass bottom joint with mount off, showing detail.

bassbotbotten.jpg (68990 bytes)  #1 bass bottom joint. Detail of hemp tenon showing smooth cutoff.

bassbotwmountsoff.jpg (38708 bytes)  #1 bass bottom joint with mounts off, showing tapered threads.

NO2bmfrontbtback.jpg (94700 bytes)  Bass middle mount and pin. Notice how smooth and straight the pin is.

NO2basstopdetail.jpg (57684 bytes)  Nice view of the top half of a bass top with art. ivory. Note that the two halves of the cord holders match in shape and size. Note the clean, smooth finish. Examine the embellishment lines.

btbellfullview.jpg (60340 bytes)  Bass top bell, showing thread and shape.

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