The Heritage




Audio Files: Jim McGillivray plays Heritage drones with a Medallist pipe chanter

Michael MacDonald's Jig (1,113 kb) entire tune 2/4 march: Hugh Kennedy (452 kb) 1st part
6/8 march: Duncan McGillivray, Chief Steward (1,582 kb) entire tune

Developed in close consultation with McGillivray Piping Partnerships, this classic tonal reproduction recaptures the timeless elegance, workmanship and full drone sound of Gold Medallist Jim McGillivray’s vintage originals. Beginning with the finest African blackwood, we hand-make this instrument using early 19th century care, techniques and uncompromising attention to detail. Combined with the new Medallist solo chanter, this is a modern vintage version of a timeless and time-honored bagpipe. From the moment you pick it up, the uncommon depth, warmth, rock-solid steadiness and ease of reeding will be crystal clear.

hrtg3bots2.jpg (38189 bytes)

These drones are a new design from CE Kron & Co. We are responding to the demand for a fuller,
more robust drone sound: rich, and with a low, engaging bass sound that encompasses the whole instrument.

Please check with your retailer for further details.


Set of #3a Heritage pipes

The three drones
piperunic2dronepins.jpg (58952 bytes)
The tuning pins & top ferrules
piperunic2tenors.jpg (42709 bytes)
Two tenor drones
piperunic2basspartsfrtop.jpg (41176 bytes)
The bass drone
piperunic2pcfrbotbotfocus.jpg (31396 bytes)
The pipe chanter showing sole detail
piperunic2topmtclose.jpg (44848 bytes) piperunic2mp&bpfrtop.jpg (29265 bytes) piperunic2pcfull.jpg (21945 bytes)
Full view of the pipe chanter

More pictures

Set of #1 Heritage pipes
hrtgbtbig.jpg (69538 bytes)
68 kb   (for perusal)
hrtgbtbm.jpg (21827 bytes) hrtgallsideclosehemp.jpg (59563 bytes) hrtgbtbmbbbs.jpg (39093 bytes)
The whole bass drone
hrtgbbbig.jpg (64131 bytes)
63 kb  (for perusal)
hrtgttbigfrtop.jpg (142395 bytes)
140 kb  (for perusal)
hrtgbbbshemp.jpg (34230 bytes)
The bass bottom with its stock
hrtgboard2sets.jpg (77413 bytes)
Two sets of Heritage pipes, one without stocks

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