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#5 Long practice chanter, all African blackwood with sterling silver sole and ferrule. Ivory bulb.

5LAprchstrippeddownferr&bulb.jpg (26732 bytes)
This bulb is mammoth ivory.
5LAprchstrippeddownfull.jpg (40273 bytes)
These practice chanters are perfectly pitched.
5LAprchstrippeddownfull2pcsfrombot.jpg (30717 bytes)
prcssfersl.jpg (183415 bytes)
Here is a fancy practice chanter with no ivory. The silver is not engraved, and the top is all delrin.


#4L Long practice chanter, all African blackwood with real ivory sole and ferrule.

4Lprch2full.jpg (36877 bytes)
Two full mounted ivory practice chanters.
4lfrrl&sole.jpg (29113 bytes)Note how the light reflected from the top isn't "wavy". When you look up along the top, the reflected light will tell you if the top is smooth. 4Lprchfull2pcs.jpg (39417 bytes)
4Lprchbotfrombot.jpg (22933 bytes)
Ivory soles are lovely.
4lfrrlclose.jpg (36047 bytes)
Notice how the scribe lines on the ivory ferrule match those on the wood bottom.
4Lprchfull.jpg (27448 bytes)


Long practice chanter, all African blackwood with real ivory sole and silver ferrule.

4lprcsolefrtop.jpg (21602 bytes)
 Ivory practice chanter sole.
ivryslvrprclfrmbot.jpg (39912 bytes)
View of bottom of ivory sole.
ivryslvrprclfull.jpg (36505 bytes)
The whole practice chanter.


#3La Long practice chanter, all African blackwood with art. ivory sole and silver ferrule.
3Laprctopfromtopside.jpg (58669 bytes)
The slight curvature of the top is consistent here. If you look at the reflection of the light you will see a smooth line, which indicates a carefully made practice top, with no waves or dips..

3Laprcfullbotside.jpg (59642 bytes)3Laprcfullside.jpg (58152 bytes)
Nice shots of a #3La long practice chanter.

3Laprcbottomfromtop.jpg (58305 bytes)

NO3Laferrule&sole.jpg (60686 bytes)
View of ferrule and sole on #3La long practice chanter.

3Laprcfullfrombot.jpg (59472 bytes) 
Another view.

stamponNO3Laprchlower.jpg (113123 bytes)
The stamp on top of a #3La.

5prch1.jpg (28976 bytes)
Another shot of a #3La long practice chanter, this time with art. ivory bulb.


1prchtenon&ferr.jpg (66462 bytes) 
View of the tenon of the #1L long practice chanter. The o-rings make for a secure and airtight fit.

1prchl3pcs.jpg (28652 bytes)
#1L practice chanter (all delrin).

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