Multi & Misc. Gallery

3boards3.jpg (183731 bytes)3boards2.jpg (159662 bytes)
Most of these pipes go to the trade. The sets with hemp are retail.

boardwss&ai.JPG (119123 bytes)
Board with silver and art. ivory set in front and #1 set in back. Behind the board are a few pipe chanter billets, partially roughed.

3NO3topferrulesfrombot.jpg (153853 bytes)
The beautiful tops for a #3a set.

3NO3topsfromtop.jpg (92327 bytes)
The same tops from the other end

3NO3atopsfrombot.jpg (41922 bytes)
Looking up the bores of a #3a set.

pipeclose.jpg (131855 bytes)  Testing this beautiful set of silver and art. ivory.piping.jpg (66467 bytes)

4NO1apcsfromtop.jpg (432203 bytes) The bottoms and middle joint of a #1a set. (With sterling tuning slides.)

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