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sgbooks.jpg (624756 bytes) Scots Guards books. These are the last word in settings.

   Quantity Scots Guards Standard Settings of Pipe Music. $45.00

regimentalbooks.jpg (709473 bytes) Other regimental books. All are of interest.

   Quantity The Queen's Own Highlanders Cabar Feidh Collection. $40.00
   Quantity The Gordon Highlanders Settings of Pipe Music. $37.00

wrossbks.jpg (163239 bytes) Willie Ross's collections. The first modern collection. Some people have called the Guards Book 1 as "The best of Willie Ross," but there are a lot of good tunes in here that aren't in the Guards Books.

   Quantity Willie Ross Books. $13.00

donaldmacleod4.jpg (71498 bytes) Donald MacLeod Collection, Book 4. Published in the United States.

   Quantity Donald MacLeod Book. $14.00

Lil Mac Valve.

brushes.jpg (437468 bytes) Brushes.

  Ounce cop of hemp.

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