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Available Silver Patterns

Runic or Celtic
More pieces

runic4.jpg (63645 bytes) runicclose.jpg (63197 bytes)
Thistle thistle4.jpg (63780 bytes) thistleclose.jpg (63014 bytes)
Zoomorphic zoomorphic4.jpg (63471 bytes) zoomorphicclose.jpg (61514 bytes)
Acorn & Oak
More pieces
acorn4.jpg (64060 bytes) acornclose.jpg (61236 bytes)
Victorian Scroll vicky4.jpg (85111 bytes) vickyclose.jpg (54572 bytes)
Victorian Scroll 2 vickydm4.jpg (62128 bytes) vickydmclose.jpg (79147 bytes)
Runic 3
More pieces
runicdm4.jpg (62048 bytes) runicdmclose.jpg (40472 bytes)

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3frrlssppolished1.jpg (61786 bytes)3frrlssppolished2.jpg (62585 bytes)
Three different sized ferrules, clearly showing threads. Notice how they are polished to a mirror finish. These ferrules, because they are not beaded or capped, would never be engraved. They are put on the #1 art. ivory and silver set, the #2 wood and silver set, and the #4 ivory and silver set.


Half set of acorn & oak silver (for half mounted pipes)

acornhalfst.jpg (62597 bytes)
All the pieces of silver.
acornallfrrl.jpg (62230 bytes)
The nine ferrules, with threads obvious. Engraved, threaded ferrules with beads and caps are exclusive to Kron & Co.
acornallrc.jpg (63859 bytes)
The three ring caps.
acornalltsmt.jpg (62864 bytes)
On the left, the mouth tube. On the right, the four tuning slides.
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Full set of runic pattern silver (for full mounted pipes)

runicfllst2.jpg (50970 bytes)
All the pieces
runicallmnt.jpg (61096 bytes)
The eight projecting mounts
runicb&tfrrlthread.jpg (56227 bytes)
The drone ferrules showing threads
runictnrrcsclose.jpg (54106 bytes)
Tenor ring caps


runicbssdrnslvr.jpg (30240 bytes)

The silver pieces for the bass drone

runictnrdrnssilver.jpg (55119 bytes)
The pieces for the tenor drones
runicbpslvr.jpg (33424 bytes)
The blowpipe
runicpcslvr.jpg (34401 bytes)
The pipe chanter
More pictures of silver pattern above

Half set of plain silver (for half mounted pipes)

plainfrrlst.jpg (61561 bytes)
View of the ferrules, clearly showing threads
plainhalfst.jpg (59010 bytes)
The entire half set (18 pieces)
plainallrcfrside.jpg (47902 bytes)
Views of the ring caps. On the left, no bushes fitted
(and showing exclusive full threads) . On the right, with silver bushes fitted.
plaintsst&mp.jpg (37235 bytes)
The tuning slides and mouth tube
More pictures of silver pattern above

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