Pipe Chanter Soles Gallery
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Engraved silver sole on #M5 pipe chanter. The face of the silver sole covers the end of the pipe chanter (except for the bore, of course) when quality silver is used.
Beware of soles made more cheaply, contrary to tradition.

silver3pcsolesthread.jpg (61720 bytes)silver3pcsolesthread2.jpg (60558 bytes)
Three silver soles, showing full threads.
pcsolessplainthread.jpg (35105 bytes)
The plain sole and fitment

pcsoleai.jpg (61277 bytes) Art. ivory sole ready to be fitted to pipe chanter.

NO2pcfrombot.jpg (56114 bytes) 
Bottom view of #2 KronTone pipe chanter.

pcNO&date.jpg (65923 bytes) 
Bottom of #M2 pipe chanter, showing number.

View of the sole and pipe chanter before assembly.

We number the bottom of every pipe chanter.

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