Tenor Drone Gallery

2tnr1wthmountsoff.jpg (113060 bytes)  Two tenor bottoms. One has mounts off. Notice the matching color and shapes. Notice the smoothness of the turning.

NO1hrtgtnrtop&bot.jpg (37805 bytes) #1 Heritage tenor drone sections.

pinlength.jpg (61646 bytes)  The tenor bottom pins should be the same length. This applies to the bass bottom and middle joints, too.

mountbotsclose.jpg (73648 bytes)  Tenons and the bottoms of a pair of tenor bottoms. Everything matches.

2ttcordholders.jpg (112740 bytes)  Cord holders on a pair of tenor tops. Note the clean, smooth turning.

2ttmidsections.jpg (149739 bytes)  The mid sections of a pair of tenor tops. Note elegant shape down to thinner area.

NO2tnrtpcordholder.jpg (119022 bytes)  The cord holders on a pair of tenor tops.

tnrtopdetail2.jpg (71181 bytes)  Tenor top with ring cap ready to be fitted.

tnrtptnngchmbrs.jpg (50435 bytes) The bores of a couple of tenor tops.

2NO3ttbot.jpg (107834 bytes) A nice pair.

NO3attdetailsideattop.jpg (125797 bytes) Cord holder, bell, and ring cap of #3a.

NO3attferrulefrombot.jpg (102781 bytes) Ferrule & counterbore of #3a tenor top.

NO3tt.jpg (89919 bytes) #3a tenor top.

twotenorbotsx.jpg.jpg (32893 bytes) These bottoms go with the tops above.

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