Set with wood mounts, custom

Some shots of African blackwood projecting mounts. These parts have not yet been finished. They are just as they came off the lathe.
8abmounts.jpg (62678 bytes)The full set. 8abmountsfromside.jpg (59153 bytes)From the side. abmountcutin.jpg (61244 bytes)The top of the top mounts have nice cut-ins.
abmountclosesize.jpg (60729 bytes)There are no tool marks. abmountfromtop.jpg (58807 bytes)View from top clearly showing thread. abmountsize.jpg (59891 bytes)


wm3topsfromtop.jpg (51507 bytes) wm3toptops.jpg (51280 bytes) wm2ttfromtop.jpg (46079 bytes)
Views of tops.
wm4botmfrside2.jpg (61585 bytes) wm4botmountsfromside.jpg (63479 bytes) wmtbtmountsfromtop.jpg (63530 bytes)
Views of bottom mounts on left & middle, tenor top mounts on right.
wm2topmounts.jpg (64554 bytes) wm3topmounts.jpg (70447 bytes) wmbbtopmountfrombot.jpg (46750 bytes)
Views of top mounts, above.
wmbm&btmid.jpg (45222 bytes) wmbtc&b.jpg (46285 bytes) wmstockc&b.jpg (49083 bytes)
Combing and beading. On the left, the bass top and middle (behind). You can just see the middle joint's mount in the top right.
wmchclose.jpg (52989 bytes) wmtopdetail.jpg (57424 bytes) wmtopdetailclose.jpg (44049 bytes)
The cord holder shapes and other features of these pipes were inspired by the McDonald set featured in the old pipes section. Below: McDonald tenor tops compared to Kron.
wmttleftmcdttright.jpg (28456 bytes) wmtttopbotmcdtttop.jpg (62159 bytes)
wmfullsetnopc.jpg (53878 bytes) wm4botsdark.jpg (48954 bytes)
The full set, and the bottoms and blow pipe.