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These images show the elegance and beauty of our drones.

components bassbottopmt.jpg (60894 bytes)  Bass bottom top mount. Smooth. Clean. The best.

multi & misc. NO2Ahrtg3botsbpfromabove.jpg (38477 bytes)  The bottom sticks for a #2a set. Note the quality wood and how everything matches.

bass bsstptnngchmbr.jpg (58848 bytes)  Bass top bore & tuning chamber. Note the very consistent texture to the bore.

tenor tenortenons.jpg (83678 bytes)  The hemp tenons should all be the same length.

stocks &  blowpipes bsss&aitop.JPG (50058 bytes)  Top of bass stock with engraved sterling ferrule. Notice smooth finish of wood, and how there is no gap between the metal and the wood.

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