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Close-ups Gallery  We show what makes our products extraordinary in these extreme close-ups. Our workmanship can stand this scrutiny.

Soles Gallery. The face of the silver sole covers the end of the pipe chanter (except for the bore, of course) when quality silver is used.
Beware of cheaper soles made contrary to tradition.

Pipe Chanters Gallery  

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Practice Chanters Gallery

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Drone Sections Gallery


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Other products made by us   The finished silver & art. ivory mouthpiece. Beautiful, strong, durable, airtight. High Resolution

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Other products not made by us  Cords & tassels. The three on left are silk, two on right are wool.

Custom Shop Gallery   Shots of custom work we've done.

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Quality Old Pipes Gallery    Old pipes that have come through our shop.

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Shop Gallery   Our other Yates American lathe, from 1936. The second-most used lathe in the shop.

Materials Gallery    Three billets of African Blackwood.

Rocket Reeds



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