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Mammoth Ivory


Half mounted bagpipe, in cocuswood with mammoth ivory tenor ring caps & bushes. Sterling silver ferrules and bass ring band.

The bore design is the Kron Standard, and the profiles and shapes are as described here. The wood profiles are much slimmer than on my standard pipes, with silver diameters stepped down by yet another 1/16" from my already quite slim current standard. The ivory ring caps are made with a little step in the bead, similar to those made by Donald McDonald. The shapes of the button mounts are very typical of David Glen as can be seen in the pictures. The combing and beading is of course first rate. Overall the look is very much 19th century Edinburgh.

The cocus button mounts are fitted so the threads touch closely only at the bottom, where the tenon meets the mount. From there the taper in the mount thread moves away from the main part of the piece as it approaches the end where the combing and beading starts. This helps to prevent cracking by having no outward pressure on the mount where the mount is thinnest. It is details like these, which are repeated throughout the pipe (and every other pipe made here) that set my products apart from those made by all other makers.

Everything on the pipe is made in this shop. Such control of materials allows me complete control over the quality of the final product.

The blowpipe is the "no-touch" brass sleeved system I invented a few years ago, with a brass tube connecting the brass tenon and aluminum tip at each end. They are sealed against moisture and air leakage, so the wood is protected from attack by moisture.

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